How to get your bed back from your fur baby

How to get your bed back from your fur baby

Apr 05, 2024Alex Ho

Did you know that it’s healthier for you and your fur baby if they slept on their own bed and not yours? Here’s why:

  • Your fur baby needs a bed that’s gentle on their joints.
  • You get to sleep better because no one’s taking up your space.
  • Your dog learns the hierarchy at home – you’re their master, not the other way around.
  • House training becomes easier.

But How To ? Try This Out !

  • Start by getting them a nice and cozy bed. One that supports their body properly, keeps them cool, and is comfortable to sleep on. Without a comfortable space, your dog will never use their own bed.
  • Place their bed in a comfortable space. Look for a spot in your house that’s conducive to sleep and relaxation and make that their sleeping area. Make sure the temperature and light is just right.
  • Take your fur baby on a walk and play with them. Once they’re tired, lead them to their bed to lie down. Then, give them a treat once they do.
  • Lead them back to their bed if they try to move to yours. During the first couple of nights, your fur baby might try to go back on your bed – don’t let them – you’re not helping them. Instead, lead them to their bed and have them lie down on it. Then, reward them again, so they’ll associate their bed with positive feelings.

BONUS TIP : Put your old shirt on their bed so they feel like they’re still snuggling you even when you’re not beside them.




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