Throughout their lifespan, your dogs will sleep more than 52,000 hours.

Do not settle for ordinary dog bed that is made from petroleum by product (polyester) that retain heats, off-gasing, inadequate support & full of chemical.

When your dogs sleep on a DreamCastle bed, YOU WILL BE WAKING UP TO A HAPPIER & HEALTHIER DOGS. Here's why:

Our bed is not just different, it's better

Made from Natural Fabric/ Fiber

All of our bed is made from soft Cotton fabric & fluffed with 100% organic Kapok fiber.

Ease of Maintenance

With our removable & washable outer covers, maintaining the bed is a breeze.

Free Delivery & Return

We charge $0 for delivery & return.

Happiness Guaranteed

If you are not happy with our beds, return it within 50 nights for a full refund. It's that simple, no questions asked.

Lifetime Support

Our relationship does not end when you purchase our bed, rather, it is the beginning.

5 Stars Google Reviews

Don't take our word for it, read the reviews from real customers.

Truth is, most dog beds aren't designed for dogs.

Knowing how harmful improper cushioning to your dogs well-being, we understand how frustrating it is to see your dogs rejecting bed after beds & choose to sleep on cold hard floor. Well, it's hardly their fault because most dog bed is not designed for dogs.

We used to struggle with that too and it lead us to create DreamCastle, a bed that is specially designed to soothes your dog senses and gently put your dogs to perfect slumber.

In the last 4 years we have help many dogs sleep better so that paw-parent like you can wake up to a healthier and happier dogs.

- Customer's Review -

Belle Y

At first I thought my friend was exaggerating when she said that her dogs were obsessed with the DreamCastle bed. But NO, not exaggerating at all. Even before I put on the mattress protector, my 5 year old Chihuahua won't move from the bed. After I remove him from the bed, he jump back up!!!!! He has never done this any other bed I've bought. I'm so glad I bought this! Highly recommend.

Pamela Lewis

We’ve gone through multiple expensive dog beds and was concerned this would be another bed she would sniff and walk away from. To our delight, she immediately took to it and settled in! The bed feels soft, plushy and cool to touch unlike other polyester filled beds

Mariko Nakayama

My French bull dog love the bed so much that he went to bed on his own without me telling him that is his bed. The size of the bed was big enough for him with extra space for him to roll. I like that the bed was cooling especially for such a warm country like Singapore.

Wai Yin

Dreamcastle is only bed that my furkid will ever need! Warms my heart whenever I see him relaxing himself or sleeping so soundly! Thank you for the comfort

Linda TJ

My furkids Niko and Mochi loves their DreamCastle bed! The bed is soft and their cotton bed covers are smooth to touch. This is our second time purchasing a DreamCastle bed and I'm sure we will still choose dreamcastle if there is a need to replace their bed again in the future.

Jess Sze

She loves her new DreamCastle bed and not sleep on my bed anymore. The best dog bed she has ever had! Thank you DreamCastle for the amazing bed.

Cas T

Bought a DreamCastle bed for my dog after reading so many good reviews about it and it didn’t disappoint! My dog has been sleeping very well on it and best part is he doesn’t chew the bed! The bed comes with a removable cover that can be washed which is good!

Our bed does more than just comforts, it soothes..

Deeper Sleep

Super soft & gentle for your dog's delicate skin. It's design for perfect slumber.

No Faulty Smell

Unlike polyester or memory foam bed that releases chemical gas, our bed is naturally odor-less.

Incredibly Supportive

Our bed supports your dog's
weight while providing maximum comforts.

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