We make world most

Comfortable Dog Beds

& probably the safest too

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Made with nothing but

Natural materials

100% soft cotton fabric paired with 100% natural kapok fibre

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That is loaded with

Nature's goodness

Hypoallergenic | Breathable | Gentle | Fluffy | Safe

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Our business practice is also


so the forest remains green, birds keep singing & we can carry on exploring

We combine traditional way of bed making by using only natural kapok fibre and 100% natural cotton fabrics to make the most comfortable bed for your dogs

DreamCastle is a family-owned company that makes safe, comfortable & beautiful bedding for dogs. We believe that dog bed should be made for dog and ironically, majority of the dog beds available in the retail-shelf are not.

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Hypoallergenic | Breathable | Washable Cover | Soft | Natural | Toxic-free

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Customer's Feedback

Don't take our word for it, look at what our customers are saying about our beds and service.

It is really super soft and it will fluff right back up when we get off the bed! The mouldability of the bed is really awesome. We love digging on it and mommy don't have to worry about us digging as the material is really good.

by 1chi2poo

We got the bed from you last year. Pixy enjoys sleeping on it and now carries her brother's toy on it tooAdd customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customzers.

by Phing

 It’s 100% cotton so I can sleep peacefully without feeling itchy or hot

by cuddlycuddles_

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