DreamCastle | Silky Terrier on a DreamCastle dog bed

It all started back in 2018, when we had a really tough time finding the 'perfect' bed for our adopted silky terrier. She rejected all the 'off-the-shelves' bed we bought for her and would only sleep on our human bed.

At first, it was all fun and cute until she started to developed territorial behaviors and that prompted us to search for a dog bed that could meet her expectation and when we couldn't, we decided to make one for her.

The problem with most of the dog bed out there is that it's simply not designed for dog, 99% of them are made of polyester which is a by-product of petroleum (yes, the thing left over from fuel production). It could be very irritating for dogs as they retain heat and release unpleasant chemical fumes (off-gassing).

This explained why most of the dog bed does not works!!

Instead of just making another version of the typical dog bed. We wanted to make something that is radically different. A bed that is actually safe to use, gentle to dog's senses and easy enough to maintain.

After all the researching, designing, and prototyping, we came up with the very first DreamCastle bed for our girl. We could really see how amazing the bed was! It felt really good to sleep on (even for human). It looked fantastic and it was really cool.

From that first night until today, she never slept on our bed ever again (probably because her bed is better!).

We took our prototype and launched it on KickStarter a year later and it was a hit, our campaign was a success..

Our story is not unique and we have help more 600+ satisfied dogs in Singapore and overseas. Now it's your turn to experience waking up to a happier & healthier dogs.

Our Mission

Join Our Family

When we saw how much our girl loved her bed, we were inspired to bring the same comfort and joy to other fur babies in the world. That’s when we started working on creating more DreamCastle beds for other fur babies like her.

Today, we’ve given the joy of a cool, cozy, and comfy bed to hundreds of dogs! Our next goal is to become a part of every fur family’s home. I hope you can join us in our journey.