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My Story (told by our gal..)

My mom and dad adopted me when I was 6 months old. When they got me, I was an abandoned puppy. I was scared, traumatized, and homeless. Thankfully, they found me and took me in their home.

From that moment on, my life changed totally. They cared for me, they showered me their loved, and they gave me all the best in the world. Growing up, I used to sleep in their bed.

However, I started to develop some negative behaviors (sorry mom & dad). That’s why they needed to train me to sleep in my own bed. 

This is when their quest for the best dog bed began. They spent countless number of hours on the internet searching for products. They went around different stores to check out their beds. They even brought me several beds to try on. But nothing was ever good enough for me.

Some were too hard. Others deflated easily. There were some which I just had a bad feeling about. And others that just looked too ugly for my taste. Whatever it was, I never liked any of the dog beds they brought home.

Our Story (told by dad..)

From there onwards, we know that many off-the-shelf dog bed is simply flawed and we need to make one for our gal.

Instead of just making another version of the same typical dog bed. We wanted to make something that is radically different. 

A bed that is actually;
1. Safe to use
2. Gentle to dog's skin
3. Easy enough to maintain 

After all the researching, designing, and prototyping, we came up with the very first DreamCastle bed for our girl.

We could really see how amazing the bed was! It felt really good to sleep on (even for human). It looked fantastic and it was really cool. From that first night until today, she never slept on our bed again (probably because her bed is better!).

DreamCastle Story
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Our mission

When we saw how much our girl loved her bed, we were inspired to bring the same comfort and joy to other fur babies in the world.

That’s when we started working on creating more DreamCastle beds for other fur babies like her.

Today, we’ve given the joy of a cool, cozy, and comfy bed to hundreds of dogs! Our next goal is to become a part of every fur family’s home. I hope you can join us in our journey.

Featured & Mentioned

Happy Fur-Parents

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Happy Fur-Parent

My puppy took liking to the bed almost immediately when I unboxed. Super plush, fluffy and comfy! Definitely feels premium too as it's pretty weighted.

Celine Lin

Happy Fur-Parent

We had been buying various dog beds for our old and blind poodle and he had not been able to get comfortable on any of them. They are either too hot, hard or simply not to his liking. Came upon DreamCastle's bed whilst on our quest to buy another bed. Absolutely no regrets. Our boy loves it. He is finally able to sleep through the night without waking us up. We ended buying an additional bed for his daytime use and another for other poodle. Thumbs up for their impeccable service standards.

Mazie Chan

Happy Cat Owner

The DreamCastle bed is the softest bed for dogs I have ever seen, I am very satisfied with the product. 

Join Our Big Family

In the end, it's always about you.

For that, it's our commitment and our promise that we design, make and sell our bed as if it's for us.

If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for you.