Congratulation, you have just gotten your first puppy. So what's next?'ll need to source for a good number of accessories for your new pup – from food, toys, water dishes, and obviously, a phenomenal puppy dog bed.

A good dog bed will give your pup a space for him to call his own and unwind beside it will give you peace of mind as it could keep him off your favourite couch or bed (and disturb your sleep). A good dog bed will also keep him warm and cosy as opposed to lying on hard cold flooring. 

But, with all those dog beds out there (our's included), how to choose the perfect bed for your new puppy? here are some of the most important considerations:

1. Your puppy breed

You will need to check if the breed of your new puppy requires any special requirements. A short-coated dog breed may need a fuzzy/ sherpa/fleece-type of bed which could provide that extra warmth. While a long hair or double-coated breed may need to look for a bed that is more breathable to avoid overheating of your puppy. For dog breed that sheds their coating/ fur, it's recommended that you choose a dog bed that is washable or at least with a removable cover (trust me, the last thing you want is a bed full of fur yet is not washable!!)

2. Durability/ Chew-proof

It's not a breaking news that some puppies love to chew (some chew more than others). For this reason, if your puppy chews uncontrollably, it's extremely helpful if you could find a dog bed that has a sturdy/chew-proof exterior cover. Unfortunately, you have to trade it off with some level of comforts as most probably this kind of chew-proof dog bed will be made of from nylon or other types of synthetic fabrics that are not the best for comforts.

3. Maintenance

Puppies are very playful and they may get pretty dirty from playing in the outdoors. Unless you are willing to buy a new bed every now and then, your new dog bed need to be washable, be it the whole bed or the outer cover (very important..!!).

4. Size

You may not mind buying a puppy-sized dog bed and upsize it again when your puppy has outgrown the bed. However, if you are considering to spending big bucks on a high-quality dog bed then do make sure that the dog bed is capable of handling your dog when he is fully-grown.

We conclude that while it's very important to purchase a bed that's comfortable for your puppy (they will spend almost 14 hours a day sleeping on it). It's not necessary to pay too much for a dog bed until your puppy passes his chewing stage. As he will most likely chew through it anyway.