5 reasons why you should invest in a good dog bed

5 reasons why you should invest in a good dog bed

May 27, 2021Alex Ho

Do you remember how refreshing it feels to wake up on a soft, cool, and comfortable hotel bed? When the mattress embraces your body the right way, making it feel nice and cozy just to lie around and rest.

How about waking up in a bad mood after sleeping on the cold hard floor the whole night? The aches on your muscles and joints. The foul mood you’re in after not being able to sleep soundly. 

Which one would you have every night?

For us, there’s no doubt, that we’d rather sleep on a nice and comfortable bed every night.

And as fur parents, we want our dogs to experience the same comfort and coziness we get from sleeping on a high-quality bed. That’s why it’s important to invest in a high-quality dog bed.

Aside from the relaxing and cozy feeling it gives your fur baby, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a good dog bed:

1.Better sleep
Research show that like humans, a dog’s memory improves with quality sleep. This is because our brains need sleep to process the information we received throughout the day.

When your fur baby gets a good night’s sleep, training them to follow basic commands and do tricks would be way easier to do since they’re brains are sharper.

You can help your fur baby get a good night’s sleep every night by getting them a Dream Castle dog bed. Our cool and soft bed helps them sleep soundly throughout the night by keeping them comfortable. 

2.Supports joints
As dogs get older, they tend to develop conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint related problems. These can be uncomfortable and painful for our fur babies, even when they’re just resting. As fur parents, we could never bear the thought of them living with constant pain in their joints.  

Having a soft dog bed for pups would help prevent or minimize joint deterioration. This is because beds with the right fluffiness provides the snugness to support the joints when they sleep.

For older dogs with existing joint conditions, the right dog bed would provide enough support to help minimize the aches related to their condition. This would help your fur baby sleep painlessly throughout the night.

3.Gives them a safe space
Much like humans and our rooms, dogs need their own private space too. This helps them relax and wind down after a busy day of running around, playing, and spreading joy around the house.

Moreover, this becomes their sanctuary to cool down whenever they feel agitated or stressed. Something extremely important for their overall health.

Placing their bed on a quiet corner in the house is ideal in creating a private space for our fur babies.

4. Regulates temperature

Singapore’s weather can get a little warm and humid, especially during the summer season. This makes some surfaces and dog beds hotter and more uncomfortable for our pups to sleep on.

Having a Dream Castle dog bed, which is made from Kapok fiber would give your dog a cool place to rest on since the material of the bed doesn’t trap heat.

For cooler days and nights, our dog bed can keep your fur baby warm enough that they won’t feel too uncomfortable to get a good night’s sleep.

5. It brightens up your space

Adding a dog bed is not just for functional purposes. It can also be a great décor inside your humble abode, especially if you invest on getting stylish covers from Dream Castle.

Our dog bed covers are easily interchangeable, that’s why it’s so easy to mix and match it with your home’s interior. What’s more is that since it’s easy to clean, it won’t be a big hassle for you to maintain it.

If you’re still on the fence about getting a dog bed for your fur baby, we hope that you consider how much joy you’re giving your dog every day they get to sleep on a nice comfortable bed like yours.

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