Pet photography tips

Pet photography tips

Apr 20, 2024Alex Ho

Use Natural Light: Take your pet photos in natural light, preferably outdoors or near a window. Natural light provides a soft, flattering effect and brings out the colours in your pet's fur.

Get Down to Their Level: To capture intimate and eye-catching shots, get down to your pet's eye level. This perspective creates a more engaging and personal connection in the photo.

Fast Shutter Speed: Pets can be quick and full of energy, so use a fast shutter speed to freeze their movements and avoid blurry photos. Sports or action modes on your camera can help capture those quick moments.

Capture their Personality: Try to capture your pet's unique personality and character in the photos. Whether it's their playful nature, curiosity, or relaxed demeanour, focus on those moments that truly reflect who they are.

Use Props and Accessories: Incorporate fun props or accessories that complement your pet's personality. It could be a cute bowtie, or a cozy blanket or FREE cute bandana from Dreamcastle with every bed purchase (while stocks last).

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