Dog Insurance, which insurance package is suitable for my dog?

Dog Insurance, which insurance package is suitable for my dog?

Apr 20, 2024Alex Ho

As paw-parents, we all love our furry friends, and would want the best for them, including the best healthcare treatment.

Recently, one of our beloved friend's pet was admitted to hospital due to multiple illnesses coming along with old age. Understandably, apart from feeling sad to see the furry friend in pain, the hospital bills itself is another matter to deal with, especially when there is surgery needed.

Hence, in this blog edition, we will be discussing the importance of having Dog Insurance, providing a brief information about pet insurance in Singapore.

Here are the list of Top 4 Dog Insurance in Singapore. Let's have look at the comparison chart below;

If we look at the chart above, both AIA Paw Safe and CIMB My Paw Pal seem to offer basic and more affordable insurance plans as compared to the remaining two. What is the difference between AIA and CIMB when it comes to the coverage provided?

Looking at the quick view of the coverage, AIA Paw Safe is suitable for those looking for a budget-friendly plan that covers protection against accidental injury and death.

Meanwhile, apart from the basic cover, CIMB My Paw Pal comes with optional step-up to illness cover.

Both Happy Tails and Liberty Petcare are suitable for senior pets.

Liberty provide coverage up to 13 years old, while Happy Tails provide lifetime coverage.

As for Happy Tails, there is an annual cap on the amount of claim, depending on which tier plans that you are getting. While it comes with lovely post surgery benefit, there are also co-insurance portion (20-40%) to pay as well as deductibles on the claims.

Meanwhile, Liberty Petcare offers better coverage for pet surgery. It offers separate coverage for both surgical and non surgical treatments. A straight 30% co-insurance is required for surgical treatment with 50% co-insurance for non surgical treatment. It also comes with higher accidental death claims as compared to other providers.

Hope this newsletter provides useful information on dog insurance. For in depth consideration, please reach out the the providers to find out more. (courtesy of

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