How to keep your dog stay comfortable in Singapore's weather?

How to keep your dog stay comfortable in Singapore's weather?

May 17, 2021Alex Ho

We all know how hot and humid it gets here in Singapore.

For us humans, a hot weather can be very uncomfortable and unsettling. Our bodies feel weak and fatigued. Worst case scenario, it can put us at risk of heat stroke and dehydration. Lucky for us, there’s a lot we can do to stay comfortable and cool. We can wear lighter clothes, stay indoors, or have a nice cold drink.

Now imagine if you didn’t have those luxuries. Instead, you had a thick fur that you can’t remove. Plus, you have no sweat glands to help your body cool down. What’s more troubling is that you can only do so little to cool your body down from the heat.

Well, that’s how our dogs feel when it gets hot.

That’s why it’s our responsibility to them to keep them cool and comfortable, especially when the Singapore heat is at its peak.

Here are some ideas you can do to help your dog stay comfortable in Singapore's weather:

 1. Regular hydration

The most important, yet simplest advice we can give you is to make sure your pet gets enough water to stay hydrated.

Moreover, on extra hot days, adding a couple of ice cubes will help them cool their body faster.

2. Grooming

If your dog has a thick fur, make sure to bring them to the groomers and have those trimmed. A thick fur can increase the heat in your dog’s body since it stops air from flowing through.

As a result, their temperatures rise higher and it’s more uncomfortable for them. In addition, it increases the risk of a heat stroke.

3. Ice pops

You know how we love ice drops during a hot humid day? Well, your dog would enjoy those too!

Replace your pooch’s regular treats with iced treats made from their favorite flavors. It’s very easy to make, plus it won’t cost you a lot.

Some flavors they’ll enjoy are fruit, meat, or bone broth.

4. Limiting outdoor time

As much as your dogs enjoy walking and running outdoors, hot days might be a really bad time to do that. Not only will it be hot for their body, but the hot pavement is also painful on their paws.

So, if you have an active dog that needs to release energy, try doing some indoor games instead. This would help them burn their energy. Plus, it’s a good way for you to bond more.

And if your fur baby really needs a walk, schedule it late in the afternoon or at night. That way, it won’t be too hot for either of you.

5. Getting them a cool dog bed

There are a lot of dog beds in the market these days. But most of them are made of materials that are bad in regulating heat, especially on hot days. That’s why it’s important for you to choose a dog bed that’s made to help dogs feel cool in Singapore’s weather.

DreamCastle’s beds are made of Kapok fiber that keeps air flowing. This makes the bed cool and comfortable for your dog even on the hottest days.

 6. Ice pillows

Another awesome trick you can do at home are ice pillows your dog can cuddle when they’re asleep. This would help bring down their body’s temperature, making them cooler and more comfortable when they sleep.

To make one, you just need to fill up a plastic bottle with water. Then, freeze it overnight. Now every time your dog naps, you can insert this little ice pillow between his legs.

We promise you that your dog will be extremely grateful if you do these things on a hot day. Not only are you keeping them comfortable, but you’re also keeping them safe from dehydration and heat stroke.

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