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Maintaining Your Bed

Each of our bed is made out of 100% cotton fabric, filled with 100% kapok fibre and sprinkled with lots of love. We are so confident that your dogs will love our bed but to enjoy the bed even more, we recommend these easy steps to maintain & keeping it clean.

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One of the most prominent feature of our bed (kapok fibre) is mouldable/shapable, this allow your dog to mimic the sensation of digging their own den & make themselves comfortable before settling down. This may cause the bed to be uneven/dimple after days of sleeping. Thus we always recommend to 'make up' the bed by tapping the bed on all corners at least once a week to fluff them back up. The best part is, your dogs can kept on digging.

Maintaining the Bed

Our bed cover is made of 100% cotton fabric, so they are machine-washable. However, we do not recommend to machine-wash the mattress as it may take a long time for the natural fibre to dry, instead, spot clean the mattress.

Cleaning the Bed

while we cant make a waterproof mattress protector out of natural fabric (yet), it will at least bring you peace of mind from those accidental sleeping mess.

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