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On Product

What is the size of DreamCastle Dog Bed?

Currently we have 2 sizes available :

* Rectangular Bed at 75 cm x 50 cm x 10 cm (T)

* Round Dog Bed at 50 cm diameter x4 cm (T)

* Extended size of 60 cm x 90 cm x 14 cm (T)

What is the weight of your bed?

Our rectangular dog bed is designed for adult/ bigger dogs that requires more supports thus it's heavily padded,

Regular sized - 1.8 kg
Extended sized - 2.5 kg

Our round dog bed is designed for puppies & smaller dog (lesser than 3 kg) thus it's loosely padded. The weight of the bed is approximately 600g - 800g

Is the zipper durable?

We only use YKK zipper which is probably the best zipper in the world.

Do you have any physical stores for us to view the bed?

We welcome you to visit our partners' stores for a hands-on experience with our bedding products. Please check out our contact us page for the list of partners.

My dog has arthritis, does this bed fits him?

We have many customers purchased our bed for their arthritis dogs, the padding (rectangular bed) is thick enough to cushion a 10 kg dog from the hard flooring while the extended sized is good enough for a 15 kg dog.

Is the bed cover waterproof?

Our bed cover is made of 100% cotton material which is not waterproof but washable. As an additional measure, we do provide mattress protector layer for our customer who want extra protection against accidental mess from their dogs.

Can I purchase the cover seperately?


Can I replace the Kapok fillings?

Yes, we sells Kapok fillings separately in case you need to fluffed up the bed after prolonged use.

Is the bed washable?

Our outer cover is washable however we do not recommend to wash the inner mattress as the fillings will take days to fully dry & the detergent used in the washing machine may damaged the filling.

Most dogs do not pee/poo on where they sleep, however, as an additional protection, we suggest you to purchase our mattress protector to guard against this accidental mess.

How to clean the mattress?

Under usual usage, our Kapok mattress don't have to be washed because of they are resistant to dust mites and moisture.

If you are concern that you dogs will pee or poo on the bed, the most effective way to prevent it is by using our mattress protector.

On Orders

What is the delivery likes?

We usually fulfill our bed within 3 working days.

What if I receive the wrong product?

Simply contact us to return the bed for a full refund.

Do you offer exchanges for faulty items?


Do I still need to wash the cover when I received the bed?

No, you don't have to. We cleaned, steamed and iron each of our bed before we deliver it to you.

How do I return the bed?

f your dogs for any reasons do not like the bed. Simply contact us to arrange to return the bed (within 50 nights) and we will refund to you the full amount of your purchase.