About Us

Searching for the 'perfect' bed

After the incident, we knew that we need to either let her sleep outside of our room or to find her a bed that she would actually sleep on and call it her place and we decided the later option.

So...we begin the endless journey to find the 'perfect' bed for her.

We bought a few 'off-the shelf' dog bed from offline & online store. But none of them works, she would rest but wouldn't slept on it throughout the night and would still sneaked up to our bed in the middle of the night.

At that point, we felt that nothing off-the-shelf will be good enough for her and decided to experiment creating the perfect bed ourselves.

In summary, we tried making a bed out of buckwheat, beanbags & foam


Till we remember that we used to sleep on a Kapok pillow when we were kid and it's said to have a lot of good natural properties. So we gave it a try.

We knew a supplier that make Kapok pillow, so we sent them our detail request to make a 'similar' one for our dog.

It took us months & lots of iterations before we are able to  to get it done and put it test.

We will never forget, the first night that our dog actually slept throughout the night on our new bed (and she still does till date).

We realised that there might be others that are having similar problems where their dogs doesn't like the "off-the-shelf" bed. So put in on KICKSTARTER.