DreamCastle Cooling Dog Bed | For puppies to medium sized breed | Japandi Rabbit

SGD 125.00
Full Set

It's Great To Have A Great Bed

All our beds are soft, gentle & extremely breathable. They look great, feel great and will beautifully improve the quality of your dog's sleep.

It's Not Polyester, It's Better

While 99% of the dog bed out there is made of 'petroleum-by-product '(Polyester) fiber, we are combining two of the world-best natural fibers (Cotton & Kapok) to make the coziest bed ever and dogs around the world love it.

Non-Toxic, Temperature-regulating, Breathable, Cruelty-Free.

Our Promise to Your Fur-kids

If it's not good enough for you, it's not good enough for us. No matter what issues you have with our beds ,at any point of time, we promise you that we will make it right.

We are not here to only sell dog bed, we're here to make the world a more comfortable place for our four-legged friends.

Not Ready? No Worries

We got this bed 3 years ago and our dog still loves it. The bed is big enough for her to lie on her side. She would not sleep in her other fleece bed!

- Phing Phing Chia -

An absolutely awesome bed for my dog. He had it since puppy and is still using it 2 years on. The bed covers can be changed and washed easily. And new designs are available here and then. The kapok filling is great too! With a natural filling and fluffiness, which doggo wouldn’t like? Will recommend to anyone who’s looking for an awesome bed!

- Stella Lee -

My dogs absolutely love these beds. Especially my pug, she will sleep most of the day away, but when the sheets are being changed and the bed isn't available, she will eagerly wait for the bed to be returned to her to have her beauty sleep. Covers are easy to wash and can last for a pretty long time, and I love how that they have many designs for it.

- Frederick Kwek -