5 Best Spots to Place Your New Dog Bed

5 Best Spots to Place Your New Dog Bed

Jun 18, 2021Alex Ho

One of the problems fur parents have when they get a dog bed is finding the right spot to place it. Truth be told, choosing a spot for your dog’s bed is not that complicated. You just need to keep a couple of things in mind, so you can find the best spot for your fur baby.

Before we give you our recommended spots to place your dog’s bed, we want to share with you some key considerations you need to think about to find the best spot for your fur baby’s bed.


Like us, our dogs are sensitive to temperature changes in the environment. Some would find it easier to sleep when it’s cool, while others when it’s warmer.

Their temperature preference might depend on their breed or their upbringing.

For instance, our dog sleeps better in cooler rooms because she has been accustomed to sleeping in our air-conditioned room. We also noticed that she finds it harder to stay asleep on summer days because of the warm and humid weather.


Some dogs feel safer when they know that you’re around them and would feel anxious when you’re nowhere to be found. Others though would prefer to be left alone when they sleep because they get too excited whenever there’s someone around.


Given their heightened senses, dogs can be very sensitive to noise. A faint rustle might be enough to startle them and make them bark. Something that you won’t want to deal with on a nightly basis.

So, if you have a sensitive dog who gets agitated by the slightest noises, you must find a spot where there’s minimal noise.

That being said, here are our 5 recommended spots to place your dog bed.

1.Inside your bedroom.

If your fur baby grew up sleeping next to you on the bed or the floor of your room, it’s only ideal to keep their bed there because that’s where they’re already comfortable at.

But if they’re sleeping elsewhere, you should consider training them to sleep in the bedroom with you. That’s because your bedroom is the most conducive space for sleeping since it’s cool, quiet, and cozy.

However, if your dog is sensitive and easily awaken, you should avoid putting their dog bed inside the bedroom. Else, you might get woken up every time they do.

2. Near a window.

Some dogs love to sleep in a cool area. If you’re fur baby is one of them, but you can’t keep them inside your room, beside an open window is your next best idea to keep them cool.

However, if they get excited or agitated easily, giving them a full view of the outside world would not be good for them since they’d be overstimulated and unrested.

3. Beside your home office.

Did you know that dogs sleep for more than 12 hours a day? They’re literally spending more than half of the day asleep. And if you’re working at home full-time, keeping them close to your work environment would be a good option, especially if they’re the clingy type.

Moreover, having them near you for most of your work hours can actually help manage your stress – which is a good bonus!

4. In the living room.

Another ideal spot for clingy dogs is the living room or areas where a lot of people stay. This helps them stay comfortable knowing that they’re never alone.

5. Your dog’s favorite sleeping spot.

In our opinion, there’s no better spot than their current favorite sleeping spot. If it already works for them and they’re able to sleep well on that spot, that’s a good enough reason to place their new dog bed there.

Aside from them already feeling comfortable in that spot, it’s also going to be easier for you to acclimate them in their new bed since they already know that that spot is for sleeping.

Again, there’s no one perfect place to put your fur baby’s dog bed. It’ll always depend on where they’re comfortable with. The best thing you can do is to observe where they sleep most comfortably.

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