Is your Dog feeling depressed?

Is your Dog feeling depressed?

Apr 05, 2024Alex Ho

Did you know that your little pooch can go through depression? But unlike humans, it’s harder to know if they’re feeling blue because they can’t tell us straight up.


So how can you know if your fur baby is having the blues?

Symptoms of depression in dogs are quite the same in humans. If you see your doggo become withdrawn, lethargic, or uninterested in play and walks, then they might already have the blues. Other symptoms to look for are: lack of appetite and change in sleeping habits.

As fur-parents, what should we do then?

Firstly, bring them to your vet, let doctor confirm that they do not have other health issues.

Once doctor confirm that it is a depression, then shower them with lots of tender loving care, Spare sometime to do more of the things they love;

🐕 Go on more walks, preferably in the morning so both of you can get some much needed Vitamin D.

⚽ Play more games and do more activities together.

👏 Praise and reward them for being active and happy.

🛏 Help them get better sleep – get them a snuggly dog bed, create a safe space for them, and keep them tired.

We hope you find these resources helpful and informative.


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