Fantastically fit  Fur Babies

Fantastically fit Fur Babies

Apr 05, 2024Alex Ho

In previous blog, we shared with you how you can help your fur baby get out of depression. This month, we’d love to talk to you about how you can prevent it by keeping them fit.

We want them to have better overall health so they won’t get a lot of physical and mental health problems as they age.

So here are our 5 best pieces of advice on how you can keep your dog fit.


Walking is the most common form of exercise for our dogs. Ideally, most dogs need 30 to 45 minutes of exercise every day. So, here’s an idea, go for a run with them every morning, so both of you can get fitter!

Interactive Play

Playing catch with your fur baby and training them to do tricks stimulate their brains. This helps strengthen their brain, so they can avoid getting dementia. Plus, teaching them tricks can be a lot of fun!


Part of being physically and mentally fit for dogs is having a good relationship with dogs around them. When they don’t see every other dog as a threat, they become less anxious. And if they have a lot of pooch pals, then they’ll be more excited to go out and socialise.

Diet & Nutrition

Make sure you feed your fur baby the best quality of food you can afford. Preferably, fresh and natural food with a lot of nutrients. Make sure to supplement it with essential vitamins as well.

Oh, and don’t give them a lot of artificial treats – they’re full of unhealthy ingredients!

Rest & Relaxation

All the things we mentioned above are mostly activities you should do with your dogs. But one of the most important aspects of their health is rest and sleep. That’s why you need to make sure that they’re getting quality rest and sleep throughout the day. That means having a spot where they won’t be bothered. And having a comfortable place to sleep in – like a snuggly bed that gives warm hugs.

We hope you could take some time in your day to keep your fur baby fit. And should you can’t, there’s always dog walkers, trainers, and sitters who would love to do it for you.


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