Is Dog Insurance Worth it in Singapore?

Is it worth getting a dog insurance in Singapore?

May 23, 2021Alex Ho

Short answer: BIG YES.

Having a fur baby entails a lot of responsibilities. If you’ve read some of our articles, you would already have an idea on how costly it is to take care of a dog in Singapore.

Above the rising prices of goods, veterinarian fees are also climbing annually. And this has become a headache for a lot of Singaporean fur parents. So, as a solution, more and more are getting a pet insurance plan for their fur baby.

As a responsible fur parent, are you thinking about getting pet insurance for your dog as well? Here are some of the things you consider if you’re unsure whether you should get one for your fur baby.


Our fur babies grow old and become more at risk of getting sick as each year goes by. Like humans, dogs can get a wide array of illnesses from aging including cancer, hip dysplasia, kidney diseases and more. Aside from common aging issues, dogs can also get breed-related illnesses and other unwanted ailments caused by external factors like viruses and bacteria.

Having these treated by a veterinarian can be costly.

For instance, some surgeries can cost up to S$3000 and above -- not including the medications needed for the recovery.

This is where having a pet insurance comes to the rescue.

Having a comprehensive pet insurance would cover most, if not all of the expenses needed for the surgery, or procedures needed to nurse your fur baby back to health.


No matter how careful we are with our fur babies, accidents can still happen. These could come in the form of minor bumps and bruises, critical injuries, or sometimes death.

Although these are uncomfortable to think about, being ready to handle these unwanted events can help make it less burdensome for us, fur parents.

Nowadays, most pet insurance plans would cover accidental injury and death.   

Accidental injuries, would include treatment for life-threatening accidents like swallowing a foreign object, getting hit by a car, or accidental poisoning. Moreover, it would also include treating accidental cuts and lacerations, and torn cruciate ligaments.

Back in year 2013, our dog caught into accident which needed 8 stitches and anesthetic. In short it cost us about $1200 in vet bills. After this event, we learnt our lesson and get our dog insured.

Worse comes to worst, your pet insurance can also cover the cremation or burial of your fur baby if they die due to an accident. Moreover, some plans would also provide you a death benefit worth $1000 or equivalent to the purchase price of your pet if they die due to an accident.


Sometimes our fur babies can get too playful. At times, they might get out of the house and run around the neighborhood, wreaking havoc on the neighbor’s property.

As responsible fur parents, it’s our duty to compensate our neighbors a fair price for the damages our fur babies made. This can get costly especially if they destroy a well-landscaped garden or break expensive items.

Having a good pet insurance would help you pay for these damages, so you won’t need to suffer heavily because your fur baby got too excited.

On more serious cases, our dogs can get threatened and agitated by other people or animals. This can result in serious physical injury, especially when they bite or scratch someone.

Settling damages like these are more costly than a broken lawn or mailbox. Fortunately, pet insurances also have benefits that would help you settle damages when your fur baby bites someone. This would help lighten the financial load of settling with your dog’s victim.

Getting Lost or Stolen

Our fur babies have a risk of getting lost or stolen. And although no amount of money can really fill in the gap in our hearts, some comprehensive pet insurance plans would pay for the value of your dog if ever they get lost or stolen.

This benefit would help you get a new fur baby to bring some joy back into your life.

In our opinion as loving fur parents, we believe that getting a pet insurance is essential especially in ensuring that our fur babies can stay healthy. Moreover, it’s also a protection for us, so that unwanted events won’t drain us our life savings.

We hope you; a responsible fur parent would also consider getting a pet insurance plan for your dog. There are many inclusion and exclusions, so be sure to read trough the fine print. We recommend you to read the fine print before getting the right one for your dog. 

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