Velvety Vermillion | Pet Bed for sensitive skins

SGD 135.00

Velvety Vermillion is 'sleeper' pet bed that elegantly blends bright red/black colour, so perfect for your active pooch and your looks amazing on your living room.

DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed | Velvety Vermillion Bright Red & Black Coloured Dog Bed

What's in the box:

Mattress shell with fillings
Velvety Vermillion bed cover
Bonus of matching pillow (only while stock last)


    Colourful & Brightly Designed - Dog bed cover that makes your neighbours & their dogs jealous.
    Top Fabric Made of 100% Cotton - Ensuring that your dog delicate skin is only in contact with a silky smooth surface will make your pooch sleeps way more comfortable without the worry of itch.
    Stuffed with 100% Kapok fibre - Magical fibre that helps to keep well insulated from the cool/hot flooring, it keeps your dog cool in warm weather & warm in cool weather. Our stuffing is also moisture repellent so it hinders the growth of mould/mites.
    Designed in Singapore and made in Indonesia.
    Machine Washable - Unzip, Rinse, Relax.
    Exchangeable Cover - less time cleaning, more time sleeping.
    Durable YKK Zipper - No more zipper that gets stuck halfway trough, we only used Japan's YKK zipper and boy they are smooth...

      How to use:

      Unzip the bed cover, slip in the base mattress & zip it.
      Give it to your dog, they will know what to do.


        Fabric Softness: Soft
        Fabric Thickness: Lightweight


        75 cm x 50 cm x 7.5 cm

          Your dog sleeps more than 12 hours a day, reward your pooch with a totally new sleeping experience. If after your purchase, your or your dogs are not satisfied with our product, return it within 50 days and we will fully refund your money, no question asked.