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DreamCastle Cooling Round Dog Bed | For puppies to small sized breed | Kyra


When the majority of the dog bed in the market uses synthetic fiber, DreamCastle chooses to be different. 

Each of our dog beds is made from natural fabric and fluffed by using organic Kapok fiber, this perfect blend of nature's best materials provides superb comfort and support to your dog's delicate lifestyle especially in humid & tropical countries like Singapore.

Being made from natural material also means that our dog bed is safe, hypoallergenic, breathable, and toxic-free.

Our washable and removable bed cover makes it extremely easy to maintain. Simply wash the cover using mild detergent under a delicate setting. 

Since our inception back in 2018 through Kickstarter, we have helped hundreds of dogs sleep better. Read our customer’s review here.

What's Included in a bed set:
1 pc of Kapok mattress
1 pc of Round bed cover
1 pc of Round felt frame

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