Dhoby The Classic | Little Pooch Napping Pod



So, what is a Napping Pod?

In simple words, it’s a bed full of your scent.  A safe place your dogs can go to whenever they feel lost & anxious to get more of you. 


Wonderful, but how does Napping Pod work?

The best cure for anxiety is definitely your presence, However, you can’t be by your dog’s 24/7 as we all have our jobs, commitments, and so on. So, the next best solution is actually leaving ‘your scent’. 

It is no secret that your dogs have far more advanced senses than we humans do, it’s especially true for their sense of smell and your dogs find your scent comforting & help them feel a little less lonely.

To put it simply, our Napping Pod brings your-scent to your dogs in a more aesthetic way in the form of a dog bed.

Napping pods allow you to fill up your personal clothing and other personal comforters into a washable and 100% cotton bed cover. In addition, our napping pod also comes with a beautiful felt pod that enhances the look of your dog’s soon-to-be home.

What's included :

1. 100% Cotton Cover
2. Felt Frame

Sleeping Bed Size – 49 cm Diameter
Pod Size – 50 cm Diameter

Washing Instruction
To clean the outer cover, unzip the cover and place it into the washing machine.

Materials & Benefits
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