where it all begin
though well-known for its coffee bean cultivation, Java island, which is situated in the heart of the equator, has just the right amount of rain and shine to grow one of the most majestic trees in the rainforest (ceiba pentandra).
tough outside, fluff inside
when mature, these trees produce lots of pods that is full of fluffy, silky and lustrous kapok fiber that makes the perfect filling for our beds.

Also, Kapok trees are grown without any use of chemical or pesticides thus you could relax knowing that your dogs are fully rested on the goodness of mother nature.
Aren't they beautiful?
The lush fibres inside the pod is what well-known as Kapok, but what most people don't know is how amazing this fibres when use as a fillings of a dog beds it is like it was created for each other. They have a unique properties that redefines a dog bed.
out in the wild, it is their instinct for dog to dig a den to make themselves comfortable, warner or cooler, before settling down. probably what sets our kapok fiber aparts from the rest of fibers used in dog bed is their ability to retain their shape when moulded which mimic the sensation of digging and sleeping on their own mini den.
naturally hypoallergenic
Most dog bed out there is entirely made of polyester, it is made using a chemical reaction involving coal & petroleum by products. Not only it is full of chemical, polyester fillings is non-breathable, perfect habitat for bacteria & fungus and worst of all it hold on to odours.

Completely the contrary, our bed is made of entirely 100% natural fillings and fabrics thus they are highly breathable (warn in winter & cool in summer), machine washable & thus naturally hypoallergenic. On top of that, Kapok fibres repels moisture which hinders growth of fungus/mould thus kept your bed stay fresh longer.
breathable fibres
one of the most exciting properties of kapok fibre is that it is extremely breathable and clean, it contains great thermoinsulating properties which keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer AKA comfortable throughout the year.