Our fillings came from nature

DreamCastle's kapok fiber is harvested by hand, the fibers are carefully extracted from the pods, cleaned to perfection, and sun-dried. The result is a sumptuously soft and breathable filling that ensures your furry companions stay cool and cozy.


The Magical Fillings That Makes Your Dog's Bed Possible

100% Natural | 100% Sustainable | 100% Happiness

Why your dogs will love their new bed.

Because it's a bed tailored to their needs.

Temperature Regulating

Keeps your dog cool in a warm day and warm in a cold night.


Lifts your dogs off hard floors while providing comforting supports.


Repels moisture effectively, preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria inside the bed.

No Awful Smell

Unlike other foam-type beds, our natural fillings do not release gas (off-gassing), making them odorles.


No fake fur that irritate skin, no polyester that trap heat. Simply 100% organic Kapok fibre.


Our bed filling came from nature (fruits of Kapok tree), not from torture.

100% Japanese Cotton Topper

The perfect match between softness & endless designs

100% Natural | 100% Gentle | 100% Machine-Washable

Why you will love their new bed.

Because it makes your life easier


Keeping your dog's bed clean is a breeze! Simply remove the cover and wash it like a normal pillowcase. Easy peasy!

Interchangeable Cover

Switch up the cover for a completely new look and feel, without needing to buy a new bed!


Because we know when your dog sleeps soundly, so do you.


Many of our customers have had their dog beds for over 4 years (since our launch) and they still look fantastic.

Optional Mattress Protector

Our optional waterproof mattress protector repels all sorts of messes your dog might make, keeping your mattress looking like new.

Happiness Guarantee

If you or your dog are not satisfied with our bed, feel free to return it to us within 50 nights for a full refund, no questions asked


Rectangular - Regular Sized
50 cm x 75 cm x 10 cm

Bed Weight

Approximately 1.8 Kg

Suitable For

Dogs weighing up to 7 kg

Shih Tzu, Poodle, Pomeranian, Maltese, Chihuahua, Silky-Terrier, Yorkie, Jack Russel Terrier, French Bulldog, Pug, Corgy, Schanauzer, Bichon, etc.

Optional Mattress Protector?



Rectangular - Extended Size
60 cm x 90 cm x 15 cm

Bed Weight

Approximately 2.5 kg

Suitable For

Dogs weighing up to 15 kg

Singapore Special, Beagle, Japanese Spitz, Westie, Cavoodle, Mini-Lab, Mini Goldendoodle, etc.

Optional Mattress Protector?



Round Bed - Regular Sized

50 cm diameter (inner mattress) + 10 cm bolster all-round

Bed Weight

Approximately 1 Kg

Suitable For

Dog weighing up to 5 Kg

Puppies, Chihuahua, Silky-Terrier, Yorkie, etc

Optional Mattress Protector?


DreamCastle Orthopedic Dog Bed Singapore
Best for dogs up to 7 kg

Rectangular Dog Bed

Regular Sized
DreamCastle Dog Bed Collection Rectangular Extended Sized
Best for dogs up to 15 kg

Rectangular Dog Bed

Extended Sized
DreamCastle Rounded Dog Bed Collection
Best for dogs below 5 kg

Bolstered Round Bed

Regular Sized