DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed Singapore (Sleeper)


DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed, Hypoallergenic

The bed designed for dogs that love to sleep on it's side, stretch out, back-flip or practically any other stunt. The perfect size for all the small dogs out there to feel the dignity of a big dog.

  • Squarish shape - easily placed on your dogs favourite spots & crate
  • Generously sized - lavishly designed for dogs that love to stretch
  • Zipper opening - easier to maintain & clean
  • Adaptive cover - blend in your home decoration
  • 100% Natural fabric tops - silky soft fabrics for dogs skin
Imagine you reached home after having a long day with your dogs and he/she is greeted with this heavenly soft-silky bed to lay down and enjoy the rest of the day in tranquillity. Our manually harvested & sorted kapok fillings in each of our bed does not only supports your dogs while sleeping but the natural properties also helps your dog sleeps better by being allergic free, bed bugs free and fungus free.

If the dirts from the walk is soiling the bed, you can easily unzip the outer cover and exchange it with a new cover. What can you do to clean the soiled cover? simply throw it to the washing machine as all of our cover is machine-washable.